I’m no longer looking for a new role, thanks to everyone who reached out!


I’m looking for a front-end focused engineering role on a product team.

Ideally you:

  • Have non-men and non-white folks in leadership roles
  • Care about building a diverse team
  • Have great work/life balance, rarely work more than 40 hours a week
  • Provide professional development opportunities
  • Have an HR department
  • Don’t have technical white boarding in your interview process
  • Provide generous vacation, parental leave, and 401k matching
  • Are not an agency or contractor
  • Have product, design, and engineering teams that collaborate


I’m available in August 2018.


I’d love some flexibility on location, so I’m currently pursuing remote roles.

About me

I’m a front-end engineer with experience throughout the whole stack. I’ve previously led teams on large web applications like HealthCare.gov and worked on design systems across eight distinct brands and used on over 300 websites. I love pair programming, mentoring, and learning so collaboration with colleagues is essential to me. I enjoy dissecting large problems into smaller ones and working with designers and product folks to turn requirements and user stories into engineering tasks. I have a deep understanding of design and care about crafting experiences for users. I enjoy writing CSS and not just because I have to. I care about accessibility and performance because the internet should be available to all; I’ve even spoken internationally about this topic. I don’t have strong opinions about the next cool JavaScript framework because we should choose the right tools for the job.

I have experience working with JavaScript, CSS, React, Redux, Node, Ruby/Rails, and more.

If you think I’d be a good fit for your team, please email me at ampalanzi[at]gmail.com.

For more details about my past work, please see my resume.