Posted on: December 28, 2015

After graduating from college in mid-2014, I was burnt out from four years of craziness and not sleeping normally. Finally, I was relieved to have a steady job, schedule, and income. I spent the end of 2014 adjusting to my new life, which left me ready to take on 2015 with a sense of stability and ambition. I spent the year focusing mostly on myself and my career. I think it was a good fucking year and here are some things that I did:

It was an exhausting and crazy year! I’m extremely introverted, anxious, and overall terrified most of the time and I can’t believe I pushed through all of that to accomplish all that I did. Starting to teach and put myself out there to speak/organize events was a huge struggle and I’m really proud of how far I’ve come since 2014. This was my year of personal and professional growth. I’m looking forward to building upon that next year while spending time focusing on more goals:

See y’all in 2016, it’s been fun.